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April 17, 2002


24. For the first time

24. For the first time in a while, it wasn't The Worst Episode Ever. Is it just because I turned down the volume every time David Palmer was on screen and Kiefer wasn't? Maybe. But maybe -- just maybe -- it was because not only was Lou Diamond Phillips a special guest star BUT SO WAS DENNIS HOPPER. Well, if you've got Kiefer, La Bamba, and Frank Booth all in one show, it's gotta be good.

How was the chemistry between La Bamba and Kiefer? Well shit. Haven't you seen Young Guns?? What about YOUNG GUNS 2?? Well do yourself a favor...go out and see those and then we'll talk. Of course they were awesome together. Of course there was explosive tension. And that was before Dennis Hopper even showed up and revealed his menacing Serbo-Alabaman accent. That was before Kiefer's daughter said even stupider stuff than she usually does. That was before the guy with the soul patch intuited that Kiefer's wife had "some kind of temporary memory loss". But it was after the writers for the show posited that the Department of Defense maintains underground prisons in wildlife refuges that serve as temporary holding places for ONE prisoner at a time, guarded by 3 guys, La Bamba, and some janitors. Realistic, no. Exciting? Not particularly. But La Bamba was cool as a cucumber.

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