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April 28, 2002


Hollywood studio exec on Robert

Hollywood studio exec on Robert Blake case: "In the world of Hollywood, you have to think like Hollywood. There's the major motion picture from a big studio, then there's the independent successful film, then big television, then the good art film, then the bad one, then bad television, then schlock movies, and then celebrity boxing, the bottom of the rung," the executive said. "These people aren't even at celebrity boxing status. Why should we care?"

Hmmm...Maybe you should care because one person, who is famous because your system made him so, killed another person, whose obsession with fame and famous people was triggered by the cult of celebrity you endorse in every way, including in this statement. Maybe you should care because at a cocktail party one time you told him you loved him in Lost Highway. I wish at that party he told you he was at your house at the exact moment you were talking to him, and he made you call him on your cell phone. And then later he made your head explode.

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