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April 23, 2002


Last night on Comedy Central,

Last night on Comedy Central, comedian Lewis Black did his stand-up bit. It was pretty typical for him: he talked about how much he hates absolutely everything in a very funny way. He also wore his typical outfit, that seems to be standard for bad-boy stand-ups: all black, with black leather jacket. You may have seen this outfit before. It is also popular with Denis Leary, and many other comedians who are all apparently taking their fashion, cigarette-smoking, and joke cues from old, dead favorite Bill Hicks. As far as I can tell, he started it all.

Another good, funny comedian who smokes and often wears all black is Dave Attell, who has a show on CC called Insomniac. In this week's show on Wednesday at 10:30, he will be exploring the nightlife of Charleston, West Virginia. Can't wait.

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Lewis Black is probably my favorite of comedians you mentioned. Also I happen to very much enjoy comedy of the "I-hate-this-so-much" variety.

Posted by: A Robot at June 23, 2005 9:06 PM

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