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April 16, 2002


Read: There's a new daily

Read: There's a new daily newspaper in NYC: The New York Sun, which launches today. The paper's official site is extremely lacking, so here's a rundown of the front page stories:

  • Iraqi opposition leader warns of abysmal planning.
  • NY wine lovers sue state over import laws.
  • Bloomberg and welfare reform.
  • "Hillary walks the tightrope".
  • Interview with Lech Walesa by Peggy Noonan.
  • Metal Rolodexes are no longer being made.
  • Red Sox "barely" beat Yankees.
  • Ant colony largest ever.
  • Rent control in NYC.
The paper has a very antique look to it. The type is very 1920s, as is the masthead. It includes phrases like "Published at New York City" and the front page doesn't have a reference to their (crappy) website. The text is very small and tightly packed, like old-timey newspapers. The paper supposedly will have a conservative editorial slant.

I wonder how long it will last. It doesn't seem like it's really going to appeal to "the working man" or "the working woman". Mostly it seems like it will appeal to old conservative people who still have good eyesight.

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