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April 26, 2002


Special guest blogger, SKT, has

Special guest blogger, SKT, has this to say about Carson Daly: Did you see John Leguizamo on Carsonshitlick last night? It was good but Carson doesn't know shit about interviewing. It looked like he studied the transcript of John L. interview on Rosie like a year ago and then asked the same questions and had him explain the same stories. I know these things are scripted but come on? Carson and his preppy ass. Flick he reminds me of that kid in high school who constantly brings up stupid stories and jokes, takes forever explaining them and setting them up, and then repeats over and over "Do you remember how funny that was?" or "Dude, that was so cool." He takes too long asking questions that really suck. For example, he'll ask something and then start to ramble: "So what did it feel like playing this part? Was it like "wow look at me I'm on stage." or was it like, " Ah, no big deal." Because I know for you, you've had a lot of fun working in films but, I think if I was on stage, I'd be freaking out" ...........blah blah blah more LA Chat we don't give a dick about. What the hell? Do this on your other shitty show TRL, where the girls wanna scream and strip you naked, you little prick, and for once let your guest talk! The only cool thing I learned about that interview (because shitlick wouldn't shut up about sleeping on the stage) was that John L. has a beagle. The rest was all the same stuff he talked about on Rosie when Moulin Rouge came out. When he was younger he got arrested for some oddball things. I'm sure you've heard about it.

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