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May 15, 2002


24. Only one show left.

24. Only one show left. Hallelujah.

So about this second mole, "Yelena". Pretty exciting and surprising, generally good television, but why did Ira Gaines order Kiefer to shoot Nina way back in Episode 7 if she was a Secret Serbian? I guess the show is back to just going with blatant inconsistencies, but keeping the pace fast enough so you just accept it unquestioningly.

New meta-statements mirroring viewers' reactions to this show: Duct tape over Kim Bauer's mouth preventing her from speaking for most of two episodes now; Jack sighing with grim pleasure "It's almost over!"; Senator Palmer saying his confusingly manipulative wife [and entire family/campaign/story arc] is "sick."

Kim Bauer: "Bring it on!"
Senator Palmer: "Don't go there!"
Can we get a Nina: "Talk to the hand!" ??

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