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May 24, 2002


A couple of weeks ago

A couple of weeks ago Fametracker did a "When Stars Split" report on Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley, judging that Hugh has come out on top. The report is great and totally convincing--the last line reads "It's strange to think that one of these people got caught having sex with a hooker in a car, and that's the one whose career is going well."

I went to see About A Boy last night, and can tell you that this is the best role Hugh Grant has ever done. It's seriously like Nick Hornby could have been writing the role for him. Not the old sputtering foppish Hugh Grant who was totally unbelievable and lame, but this new Hugh Grant who is a little bit of a sneering self-centered cad, but is way more likeable and (I never thought I would say this after my 10th grade crush on him) attractive. My viewing companion thought that Marcus, the kid, wasn't quite enough of a weirdo, but the movie is at least three times better than I thought it would be. Ebert's review is really good.

Unfaithful, on the other hand, is the worst movie I have ever snuck in to see the last half-hour of in my life. Hey honey, our marriage is falling apart, but I know just what will bring us back into conjugal intimacy and trust! Infidelity, lying, murder, and police cover-ups! The good old NYC audience wasn't taking any of this crap, and openly laughed and made fun of it. Because that's the kind of community spirit this city has.

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