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May 8, 2002


Hey, people are getting killed

Hey, people are getting killed again on 24! Just blown away with almost no provocation or explanation! THANK GOD. Senseless violence is a clear indicator that the writers of a show have totally run out of ideas, but it keeps me from having to drug myself just to sit through this show.

While Kiefer is watching Frank Booth blow people away in Little Bratislava, the alpine bratwursthaus in the middle of L.A., or wherever they've taken him to, Lady Mac-Pimp-mer adds new depth to her character by smoothly whoring out Patty, the hapless, love-lorn, and buck-toothed speechwriter.

And maybe Nina will get to do something besides skulk around the CTU office looking pissed off before the season ends... didn't her character used to be interesting, and get to drive around and get shot at and ride in helicopters?

Oh, and Penny Johnson Jerald (the Lady Mac-Pimp-mer actress) was never in Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

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