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May 28, 2002


So Eminem's new album. Which

So Eminem's new album. Which the NYT in the article Alan links here says has "unfortunately, addictively bouncing beats". (Does the NYT want to hate Eminem?) I saw Moby the other day on The Daily Show, and Jon Stewart asked him to comment on the well-documented diss in Eminem's new single. Moby has stated that he doesn't mind the insults related to his music, but told Jon Stewart that when Eminem claimed he was "too old", it hurt. Moby is seven years older than Eminem. Who is himself, I point out, two years older than I am.

Moby also added that while Eminem says "Let it go it's over, nobody listens to techno" in "Without Me", Moby actually "hasn't made a techno album in nine years." I am glad that Moby isn't trying to pass off his latest "music" consisting of treacly beats and large sections of other people's songs as techno, but his smugness and anal genre-nit-pickiness only redoubled my hatred for him.

CORRECTION: m@ pointed out that the (sort of awkward) NYT sentence I refer to actually reads: "The cartoonish excess of previous albums (as well as, unfortunately, the addictively bouncing beats) have been largely bypassed and replaced with real life." So the NYT likes Eminem and his beats, doesn't like the more boring content of the new album. hummph.

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