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May 21, 2002



So The X-FILES FINALE. This is a huge event, folks. Huge. Blee dee bleeee. And what will Marc Snow do now that he can no longer compose the Synthesizer of Psychokinetic Alien-Human Hybrid Babies theme?

Given the unquantifiable number of arcs that have been introduced and totally abandoned over the course of this show, there is no way they could all be wrapped up in one last episode. So, Chris Carter just decided to remake the Last Seinfeld Episode instead. Really, the courtroom drama structure is a really good way of rehashing the Story So Far, bringing back lots of old characters, and inadvertantly making the whole Chris Carter Star Wars/Bible/Aliens conspiracy story sound sort of stupid when it's all recapped in the space of 10 minutes. Oh well. Krycek! Wooo!

One line of Mulder's that I predicted that DIDN'T get said (unlike his entire "You're hiding the truth" speech while being dragged screaming out of the courtroom) was "Hey, Scully's gotten weirdly puffy and fat! Agent Reyes, will you be my new girlfriend? Ooo, and Doggett doesn't look half bad in jeans."

Added bonus: the touching Chris Carter New Agey last scene did not involve the word "starlight." And Agent Doggett and A.D. Skinner tongue-kiss.

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