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May 17, 2002


This weekend The X-Files ends.

This weekend The X-Files ends. I have really mixed feelings about this. So, apparently, does Salon. This article is all about how important this show was for lots of people, highlights a lot of outstanding moments and great actors who were featured in some of the best episodes (Michael McKean [where Mulder switches bodies with him], Luke Wilson [he-said, she-said version of the same case from Mulder and Scully--really funny], and Giovanni Ribisi [lightning boy]). But like me, the guy who wrote the article hasn't really watched it at all in the last two years. He provides a very funny recap of everything that's gone on in the past two seasons, so you can get caught up for the big finale.

Apparently there were a few flashes of brilliance this season, which I missed. The episode where The Lone Gunmen were killed off was called "Jump The Shark", indicating that Chris Carter at least has some sympathy for his beleaguered fans. By the way, on the X-Files Jump The Shark page, the deaths of Alex Krycek (wooo!) and The Lone Gunmen are very high on the list.

And remember even as recently as last season, when Scully's hair looked fabulous, like this? Instead of that blown-out, lank crap look she has now in the Salon photo?

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