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June 17, 2002


I have returned. Watch out.

I have returned. Watch out.

Article on Salon about the documentary on A&E that premieres tonight, "Married in America", by Michael Apted, who did the "Seven Up" documentary series. What with all the "Bachelorettes in Alaska" series and other Fox-produced marriage exploitation shows lately, he should have some interesting things to point out.

Salon also had a great piece on the lasting value of Kieslowski's Three Colors films [via King Pigeon], in which the writer suggests that the Academy start an Oscar category for Best Haircut, which he would have given to Juliette Binoche the year that "Blue" came out. I think last year's Best Haircut award would have been a toss-up between the two stars of "Mulholland Drive". That was some good hair.

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