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August 7, 2002


Ok, I know you have

Ok, I know you have all been driven senseless waiting for the Amy's Robot recap of The Anna Nicole Smith Show, the first Osbournes ripoff. But really, I have been too depressed and stony-hearted to even go into it. It is, as Whiskas stated, UN. WATCH. ABLE. First of all, Anna is this hollow, doped-up, gold-digging idiot, I'm really sorry, but she is. When asked about the current situation in Israel, she just looked blank and inert, staring out of her dead, inhalant-dazed eyes, and said "I know nothing.....about.....nothing." Which, really, says it all. Gone is the saucy Texas big-boobed model, the reincarnation of Jayne Mansfield but trashier, and all that's left is this overly-made-up shell squeezed into horrible outfits, flopping around on a bed and humping things. She, unlike Ozzy, has nothing to say.

Also in the scenes when she's hanging out at home, not wearing any makeup, she looks like a cashier at an East Texas Krystal. It's so sad. I'm sorry, Anna.

Even poor Television Without Pity has trouble writing a decent recap of this garbage--they need to just give up and be mean, it would make for much better reading.

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