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October 30, 2002


24, I'm on the hook

24, I'm on the hook again. What have ADM and I found to blog about for the past 4 months? I thought I was going to make it through this season without going back to this damn show, but it showed up at my apartment with flowers, called me "buttercup", cooked me rack of lamb, and told me I was always on its mind.

Some observations: You remember the rule that people figured out last season about how Good guys use Macs, Bad guys use PCs? Another rule appears to be Bad guys are smokin' hot foreigners who deceptively woo naive American women, at least one of whom was the southern alien of death in The Faculty.

About 10 minutes into the premiere, the producers of this show seem to suddenly realize that they made a horrible mistake in killing off Teri last season instead of that bitch-spawn Kim, who appears to serve no purpose on this show other than to be irritating and stand lolling around in doorways in her underwear even when her creepy boss is openly leering at her.

So after spending 45 commercial-free minutes silently wishing for Kiefer to open up somebody's face with a crowbar, or Something, ANYTHING to make this show bearable, and was just starting to nod off, and experience the sweet nectar of freedom, freedom from this show for the season, for the year, for the Rest Of My Life-- all hell breaks loose. Menacing whispers. Senseless violence. The full force return of good old Kiefer who hacks the thumbs off of dead bodies! Hooray! Yay! ....Oh... curses. Oh well. Back on the hook.

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