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October 7, 2002


It is well-known that I

It is well-known that I have recently back-burnered my quest against pretentiousness so that I can tilt at a new windmill*: Sense Of Entitlement. Smokers, double-parkers, cell phone users: you know who you are. Well, it just so happens that Salon has a new piece discussing how sense of entitlement seems to be an ingrained part of being a native New York toddler. Maybe so. Not very well written (lacks focus), but a good second step in raising consciousness of S.O.E. (The first step being that well-documented incident on 71st and B'way, involving me and a cell-phoning double-parker.)

*(I can make knowing references to Don Quixote, which I have never read, because -- pay attention! -- I am fighting entitlement now, not pretentiousness.)

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