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February 19, 2003


Now that we've passed the

Now that we've passed the 12 hour mark of this season of 24, I can say it with confidence: it's better than last season. Yeah yeah, the writers made a huge mistake by not killing off the infernal Kim Bauer, but at least they're demonstrating their solidarity with viewers by giving her hardly any screen time, flashing her erect nipples all over the place, and making her endure child abuse, getting arrested, a car wreck, possum traps, and leering militia men.

And the plot: it seems to have been thought through beyond the first 6 episodes this time. While I'm not sure the "I went away for my junior year abroad and instead of smoking pot and pretending to be a lesbian, I became a terrorist!" story (which Television Without Pity has dubbed The Junior Year Jihad) really holds water, it's more fun than the Palmer family drama.

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