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March 28, 2003


Ebert gives Basic (which reunites

Ebert gives Basic (which reunites Pulp Fiction duo Travolta and Samuel Jackson) an unusual one star. In the process, Ebert identifies a genre called "The Jerk-Around Movie." If the radio ads I've been hearing for the movie are any indication, it may suck even worse than Ebert says. The narrator of the ad, apparently quoting some nameless reviewer, intones, "John Travolta proves once again he is one of America's best actors." WHAT? Has anyone noticed that JT has made exactly two decent movies in the last 25 years? (Versus three decent movies before then.) Besides, I thought Sony had sworn off made-up reviews. Meanwhile, Ebert gives Core, starring our indie cross-over buddy Aaron Eckhart, 2.5 stars,

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