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March 12, 2003


In reference to ADM's 24

In reference to ADM's 24 post below, I just want to point out that we at the 'bot were clearly correct when we posited that the show's writers wish to God they had the sense to kill off Spawn last season when they had the chance, and have given up on creating a meaningful plot line for her. Quote from the Salon article: "Gordon says that, on the wipeboard where the writers chart out the show's stories for each episode, "The Kim thread is always blank until the last minute." Surnow jokes that they usually fill it in eventually with "Kim takes a shower."

Also: what's with all the criticism/commentary that 24 has gotten campy this season? Um, excuse me? The amnesia subplot? The Hot Urban Outfitters Models in Prison subplot? The use of Mick Hucknall from Simply Red (or as TWoP nicknames him, Kenny G) as the undercover drug cop? Lou Diamond Phillips, and the Young Guns reunion episode? BUT HE'S MY TEENAGE BOYFRIEND? Give me a break. 24 has always been campier than bug juice and friendship boondoggle bracelets, and this season is simply a continuation of the thread. It's still good television.

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