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March 9, 2003


Maybe you heard about Mel

Maybe you heard about Mel Gibson's forthcoming movie "The Passion", about Jesus's* last hours (which purportedly will be in Aramaic and Latin, sans subtitles). Turns out Mel is heavily involved in a fundamentalist/traditionalist Catholic movement, which the Times describes as "a strain of Catholicism rooted in the dictates of a 16th-century papal council and nurtured by a splinter group of conspiracy-minded Catholics, mystics, monarchists and disaffected conservatives -- including a seminary dropout and rabble-rousing theologist who also happens to be Mel Gibson's father." Mel's so involved he is building a church for their brand of Catholicism outside LA, and Gibson's dad denies the Holocaust and calls the pope "Garrulous Karolus, the Koran Kisser". [nyt]

Guess who's playing Jesus? Jim Caviezel, of course!

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