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March 25, 2003


More Oscars: Once again, Cintra

More Oscars:

Once again, Cintra Wilson brings us the super-duper-mean recap of the awards (watch the short ad to read the whole thing), but makes some good points, particularly in her wonderment on how Renee ever got that part in Chicago, what with her protruding collar bones and mysteriously misplaced bust that she had nicely developed for Bridget Jones.

Also: what's with the no interviews on the red carpet on E!? As Chris said, if they take away our red carpet interviews, the terrorists have won.

Big ups to Weird Al Yankovic for showing up to collect Eminem's Oscar for him.

Michael Moore is such a crazy old leftist, who was clearly so wound up about having the biggest audience he's ever had in his life that he just about completely blew the moment.

Overall, this year was the Oscars That Were Marginally Less Offensive Than Last Year's. Everyone looked...nice. J. Lo even looked respectable, but revealed herself to be the ghetto skank that she is when she said "moun'ains" with a total Bronx glottal stop.

And thanks to Aquafina for the total shout-out to me and my friends in 10th grade for using "Pure" by the Lightning Seeds in their ad. And the Academy's shout-out by giving the Best Animated Feature to Spirited Away. Thanks, dudes.

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