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March 17, 2003


Some weird stuff in the

Some weird stuff in the Elizabether Sm*rt case [nyt], mostly from her relatives: "Elizabeth is still as pure and still as wonderful and still as much a child of God as she ever was," her grandfather said, describing Elizabeth in Biblical terms as a "lost sheep" who had at last returned to the flock. [emph added] Her bishop concurs: Elizabeth is "pure before the Lord. People who are in the control of others are not accountable." Well, that's good, fellas. We wouldn't want this kidnapping thing to get in the way of her marriage plans down the road, Gramps.

Also, her family wouldn't answer rumors that Elizabeth had been "married" to her captor in a campsite ceremony hours after her abduction. This gives me kind of a sick feeling, but it also reminds me of my favorite episode of the Jeremy Brett/Sherlock Holmes series in which a similarly fair and young girl is abducted and forcibly married in a sort of Black Mass rite.

Summary of other info:

Sorry for saying it, but some of this doesn't sound too healthy to me.

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