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March 29, 2003


Update on a story we've

Update on a story we've been following: Halliburton is out of the running for the largest scale of the Iraqi reconstruction projects, although they already have the firefighting/repair contract for the oil fields. The winner of the contract will be chosen by US AID.

There is another angle on this story you sort of have to be a (former) Bostonian to notice: one of the remaining finalists is Bechtel, which is the lead contractor on Boston's grotesquely mismanaged Big Dig project. The head of US AID, Andrew Natsios, was the head of the Big Dig for about 2 years. (By most accounts he did a good job, but I thought I should note it.) Also worth noting, while we're on the topic, is that the Big Dig tunnel opens this weekend, after a 13-year-wait.

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