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April 9, 2003


A soon-to-be-lawyer friend of mine

A soon-to-be-lawyer friend of mine sent in some highlights from a profile of a Bush nominee to the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals:

Late into the trial, Prado allowed a teenage girl to sit in his seat for about fifteen minutes during proceedings. Prado then took a seat in the gallery. While the girl sat on the bench, there was at least one instance where an attorney objected and Prado polled the jury on how he or the "pretend judge" should rule.
How about this one:
During the trial, Prado visibly and ostentatiously ignored what was going on in front of him. He played with a Rubik痴 cube while one of the plaintiffs was testifying, and also turned his chair toward the wall to let everyone know that he did not care to hear testimony. Prado also exhibited an inordinate concern with getting the case over quickly. On one occasion, Prado stood up during the questioning of a witness to make it clear to all that he wanted the witness to finish.
There's much more in the judge's profile on independentjudiciary.com. Just scroll down to the "Judicial Temperament" section. The site belongs to Alliance for Justice.

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