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April 7, 2003


Funny profile of female Al

Funny profile of female Al Qa*da suspect Aafia S*ddiqui. Before she disappeared, she was at MIT and Brandeis, dissertating about neurology. Neighbors and colleagues say she was "perfect", although sometimes she didn't put her trash down the chute. Based on some evidence I have gathered through my contacts in the Muslim and neurology communities*, she doesn't seem too bad to me either**:

  • Here's an article she wrote for MIT [pdf] about downloading shareware for your Mac and PC (jump to page 4).
  • Here's something she did about "reproduction of synthetic 2-D actions" [full report here, pdf].
  • She also got an award from MIT in 1992 for a project called "Islamization in Pakistan and its Effects on Women", apparently as a 20-year-old grad student.
  • She wrote this guide to starting a Muslim Student Association.
  • Here she is trying to figure out how Usenet newsgroups work.
  • Oh, wait: here's some radicalism for you. Once she figured out Usenet, she let loose, though. Here's her sig file from one of her posts:
    "O you who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for protecting friends (auliyaa'). They are the protecting friends of one another. Whoever among you takes them for protecting friends is (one) of them. Indeed, Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people."† (Qur'an 5:51)
Let's get her!

*And by "Muslim and neurology communities", I mean "Google".
**Don't arrest me. I love America.
†While we're on the subject of Qaeda posts to Usenet, don't forget that American Taliban John Walker Lindh also posted there pre-terror. Mostly about underground hip-hop and drum machines.

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