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April 23, 2003


I've often wondered: when people

I've often wondered: when people are in the midst of mass hysteria because of one thing, does that make them more susceptible to mass hysteria over some other thing? E.g., just before Phantom Menace came out, suburban teenagers were losing their shit and pulling their hair out...and then The Matrix came out right before PM, and they all went nuts for it. I figured at the time that their desperate anticipation over Phantom Menace made them prone to fixation on The Matrix which, when you think about it (or not), isn't really that great a movie.

Anyway, an incident in Chinatown on Tuesday seems to confirm this idea at least as much as suburban teenagers did a few years ago: in the midst of hysteria over SARS, people in C-town all of a sudden starting freaking out about the financial security of a bank down there, and stormed it. The bank's owners had to come out with bullhorns to get them to calm down until Jimmy Stewart showed up and saved the day.

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