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April 29, 2003


There's only one way, in

There's only one way, in good conscience, to shoe-horn this great LA Times profile of David Foster Wallace into this blog, since one of our conceptual-cousin blogs has already linked to it:

That's right: another rousing edition of "WHO'S OLDER?". You ready? Okay:

Who's Older?

David Foster Wallace or Charlie Sheen?

Remember the rules from last time? There's at least a three-calendar-year difference between them. I know -- it's a good one right? Yeah, and you even have to scan the article (written because he's at Pomona now) to find DFW's age.

What, that isn't hot enough shit for you? Try this one on for size:

Who's older?

Thomas Pynchon or Martin Sheen?

Note the incredible coincidence(?) of where the Pynchon bio is hosted.

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