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April 16, 2003


TNN (which people were just

TNN (which people were just realizing now stands for The NATIONAL Network not The NASHVILLE Network) is dropping the acronym altogether and changing its name to -- sit down -- "Spike TV". Yeah. You heard me. Spike TV. That's the actual name of the network. It's dedicated to men.


And not just the name is new: you're also going to get some great new shows. To wit,

  • "The Eight-Minute Workout Challenge," which follows three men and three women as they try to burn fat and build muscle by exercising for a concentrated eight minutes a day.
  • "Crash Test," which awards the award of "ultimate party crasher" to the man who survives rejection and humiliation by successfully forcing himself on a social gathering as an uninvited guest.

These from the geniuses who brought you "SlamBall", aka "Basketball, but with trampolines".

Can't wait? Me neither.

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