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May 18, 2003


I missed this in my

I missed this in my review of the networks' fall line-ups: ABC is going to have a new show called "Karen Sisco". That name ring any bells? It's the character Jennifer Lopez played in Out of Sight. Remember? The lady marshal? And guess who's going to play her on the show. This is weird, but great: CARLA GUGINO, the mom in Spy Kids! I am going to watch this show, even though it will be dumb and probably short-lived.

I found out about this from Media Yenta.

Ok, now this is truly a wonderful opportunity for another round of Who's Older?™

Who's Older?

Carla Gugino or Jennifer Lopez?

Usually we like to give a three-year difference between the two candidates, but I'm ignoring the rule this time, because it's interesting. To see something even more interesting, check out how old the daughter on Spy Kids is, and do the math.

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