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May 4, 2003


Newsweek says the White House

our prezNewsweek says the White House is seeking to "reclassify" information gathered for the first 9/11 report because it is politically embarrassing for our prez, even though the info in question was discussed in public hearings. Even Republican senators are miffed.

This doesn't bode well for the new report, says Newsweek: One investigator, a former congressmen, was rebuffed last week because the administration must "determine if the president wants to invoke executive privilege to keep the material out of the panel's hands." [emph added]

Appropriately, the article also mentions that our prez is planning to delay the 2004 Republican convention in NYC until the first week of September, so his acceptance speech could "meld seamlessly into 9-11 commemoration events due to take place in the city the next week."

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