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May 30, 2003


Related to the links in

Related to the links in ADM's post below, I just wanted to make sure everyone is aware of Whitney Houston's recent visit to Israel, a place that she apparently feels some personal connection to. Liz Smith from the Post quotes her as repeatedly claiming "This is MY land!" while there (scroll down). Watch out, Sharon. -amy

    Yeah, because Whitney is affiliating herself with The Black Hebrews (aka The Original African Hebrew Israelite Nation of Jerusalem, and not the same thing as Ethiopian Jews). Here's more on the Black Hebrews from Cult News (itself a semi-questionable source). I would like to see a Madonna/Kabbalah vs. Whitney/Black Hebrews celebrity Talmudic quiz bowl. Who's more down with Jewish mysticism? There's only one way to find out. -adm

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