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June 30, 2003


Fame Tracker's Drew Barrymore Fame

Fame Tracker's Drew Barrymore Fame Audit raises some serious issues about our old pal Drew, such as why she insists on being the sunniest, friendliest, happiest little kewpie-doll on the planet. The Amy's Robot Institute of Psychological and Emotional Dysfunction tells us that when people undergo some trauma at a young age, they revert to behavior associated with that age when in a stressful or anxiety-producing situation. Therefore, Drew is probably trapped in age 11, crawling around on the bathroom floor at Studio 54 trying to scrape up cocaine from the tile grouting.

Also: our celebrity spy sources tell us that Drew has been spotted at a Tribeca health food store buying some stuff, and that she is extremely short, and has bad skin. And there may be some elements of her character that seem not only irritating, but disingenuous. But: the woman's one successful entertainer. And I disagree with the FT blow-off of Charlie's Angels, for reasons detailed below.

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