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June 19, 2003


In the category of older-celebrity-women-dating-younger-celebrity-men,

In the category of older-celebrity-women-dating-younger-celebrity-men, that whole Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore thing is so Monday. The new hot couple in that category? Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.

Which brings up a perfect opportunity for another round of Who's Older?™

Who's Older?™

Justin Timberlake or Ashton Kutcher

ps. Has anyone suggested that the Demi/Ashton thing is like Blame it on Rio in reverse?

ps2: Ames, I hate to say it, but think it's time one of us got a subscription to Us Weekly.

ps3. Well, the morning brought word that Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock have split. So, who will Pamela give her Hepatitis to next? My guess is some innocent ingenue who had a poster of PLA up on his wall three years ago but is now a hotshot himself. The runner-up on American Juniors? -adm

    My prediction: after a brief and ultimately violent dalliance with Eminem, Pam will be photographed canoodling with Jude Law (who will be snubbed even more mercilessly by Amy's Robot), Colin Farrell will grab her ass and offer her a whippet at the MTV Video Awards this fall, then she'll move in with Frankie Muniz, who will release his debut album this winter. Anyway, you can learn more about her string of fellas tonight on E! -amy

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