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June 22, 2003


NYT:Tim Weiner on the Duane

central park


  • Tim Weiner on the Duane Dog Chapman saga. His last words, pre-arrest: I've got him, honey, call the federales!
  • Centennial of the other bridge, the Williamsburg bridge. W'burg hipsters: "Who cares. Who wants to go to Manhattan?"
  • Yoga in the middle of Times Square: Passer-by: "I seen a lot of sexy girls. If you look good, you are living good. If you look bad, you are living bad. That is the story." Yogi: "Just stay in the silence. Stay in the silence." Somebody walked by and spit.
  • Central Park is 150.
  • The effect of transcranial magnetic stimulation on your brain and your ability to peform higher mental tasks. ''You could call this a creativity-amplifying machine. It's a way of altering our states of mind without taking drugs like mescaline. You can make people see the raw data of the world as it is. As it is actually represented in the unconscious mind of all of us.'' Crazy. Here's an early paper by the researchers that set them down this path.

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