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June 26, 2003


OK people. Today's theme is

OK people. Today's theme is GOSSIP.

Who is Pam Anderson's first post-Kid boy-toy? Need you ask? Fred Durst.

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz have announced that they will attend this year's Love Parade in Berlin, a Eurodance festival almost as old and tired as their relationship already is.

Could poor little Britney Spears be any more sad in her bids for attention? "I used drugs! No! No, really, and I drank too! I.... hey! And I'm not even a virgin!"

Rumors about the next Star Wars movie title. -amy

    Strange how Fred Durst is becoming rock's leading consumer of sloppy seconds. First Britney, now Pamela. According to my celebrity sex spreadsheet, this puts him on track to be screwing Winona by the end of the year, who holds the all-time record for rock-star sloppy seconds. [see lower right of page.] I know it sounds strange, but it's science.

    Also, so Britney decides to spill her guts about her Sodomite lifestyle to The Star? Why would a super-hot big-time star like Britney Spears tell all this to The STAR? They must have had her over a barrell about something. Maybe that she drinks, did drugs, and isn't a virgin. And the fact that she isn't a super-hot big-time star anymore. -adm

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