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June 27, 2003


The Charlie's Angels premiere was

The Charlie's Angels premiere was here the other night. For the benefit of people who follow celebrity t-shirt and slogan trends, I should point out that Drew Barrymore wore a t-shirt that read "My boyfriend is out of town." If she had checked her dysfunctional-celebrity-child-of-dysfunctional- celebrity-parent-big-event-wardrobe database, she would have learned that Kelly Osbourne wore the exact same shirt to the MTV Video Music Awards last year.

ps to future Googlers: we have no idea where to buy this shirt.

pps. While we're on the topic of fashion at the premiere, check out Demi's outfit, which is possibly the worst thing anyone has worn in public since Gwyneth's saggy tit dress a few celebrity years ago. "Hello, Mr. Blackwell? Yeah, hi, it's me...Demi. Put me down for '03. Say, what are you doin' later?"

Update: Here's a pic of Kelly in the shirt. It's yellow.

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