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July 25, 2003


Hey did you know Jan

Hey did you know Jan De Bont -- who directed Speed (and 3 sucky other movies) -- directed the new Lara Croft?

So now he's directing other people's sequels. Like they say in Boogie Nights: "Long way down."

Guess I'll add the rest of today's movie news:

  • NYT reviews Buffalo Soldiers, which we haven't really been looking forward to. But: David Holmes did the music.
  • Both the NYT and LAT trot out "movie = horse" metaphors for their reviews of Seabiscuit: "Horse comes out a winner," says Turan. "Unlikely Wonderhorse Scrambles to Victory," asserts Scott. Can someone tell me the name of an interesting movie about horses, besides the one you saw when you were 9? Please? Why is it that scenes about horses/horseracing in regular movies (MI2, the Bond with Grace Jones, etc.) are often more interesting than (a) the rest of the movie, or (b) movies all about horses/horseracing?
  • NYT also reviews the film I've been waiting for like an expectant father: Spy Kids 3-D. In my opinion, it is literally true (like the Bible) that the only way a person could make a better movie than Spy Kids 2 is by adding a third dimension. Update: I'm devastated to learn that Ebert has given SK3D only 1.5 stars. He says it looks washed out, even though RR tried to overcome this problem with 3-D.

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Well, the Tomb Raider movie was certainly quite bad.

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