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July 30, 2003


I feel like someone should

I feel like someone should document the fact that it appears hip-hoppers are adopting the trucker hat in increasing numbers. I began noticing this in about May. The favored style seems to be blank white fronts worn over a du-rag, sometimes with an airbrushed wildstyle script on the front, a style I know you can buy at those hat warrens in SoHo and which I've also seen on defensive British girls in the East Village (minus the du-rag, of course). So, hipsters -> hip-hop. This is at odds with the way fashion trends are supposed to go.

ps. I know El-P and N.E.R.D. have been wearing them for a while, but it's not something that I'd really seen on the street until this spring. Previously, everyone was wearing those four-panel, two-colored hats with the holographic stickers still stuck to the brims. -adm

    This adoption of trucker hats by young rappers is especially surprising because it flouts the usual direction of the way fashions spread through our population. Styles usually seem to start with trendsetting white women and black men, then move to black women and Asians and other people, and end, after a long time and a lot of homogenization, with white men. Are white men becoming more style conscious? Not really. We just need to stop adopting their stupid fashions, or "fashions", if you can call rumpled acrylic jackets and trucker hats that. Come on people, do you WANT to dress like The Strokes? -amy

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