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July 15, 2003


I'm linking to this, so

I'm linking to this, so I can mention something else: They're making a sequel to Anaconda. It's called Anacondas, but should be called Anacondas!, right?

Anyway, I am bringing it up so can talk about what may be, seriously, the most unnecessary, uncalled-for sequel in movie history, even more unnecessary than Jeepers Creepers 2: I saw a trailer the other day for The Whole Nine Yards 2, which is actually called The Whole Ten Yards. This is the sequel to that Bruce Willis movie about a hitman or something, but not the one with Cate Blanchett in it. This was the other one. That no one saw. If they're going to spend all this money on crap no one asked for, couldn't they have made More Truths about Cats and Dogs or The Ghosts and the Darknesses or The Fugitive 3: This Time He's Black Benicio Del Toro. (Oh, wait, they already did that last one.)

Bruce: no wonder Demi left.

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