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July 17, 2003


We learn from the Amy's

We learn from the Amy's Robot Link Factory™ today that (a) Madonna now wants to be known as "Esther" and (b) Drew Barrymore is thinking maybe she's bisexual.

This makes me think that when celebrities begin to see their careers founder (relatively speaking), they have identity crises, because they are not used to failing (or have forgotten how to fail gracefully). But instead of examining their work, they examine themselves: "My movie only made $38 million. Who am I?" "My last album collected dust on the shelves. Who am I?"

Or maybe it's an automatic publicity-seeking instinct: my popularity is waning, so I need to do something -- anything -- to get back in the public eye, so I'll humiliate myself by airing deeply personal questions of identity in public.

ee cummings wrote a poem about a woman who immediately stripped herself bare to seduce someone, but the act, it turned out, was entirely unseductive.

Update:And the Daily News points out today that Scott Berg's new Katharine Hepburn bio suggests she was bisexual. Nice one, Kate. Just try and resuscitate your career with that old canard, now that you're dead and can't go on Howard Stern to talk about it.

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