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August 18, 2003


Chowing down at Popeye's with

Chowing down at Popeye's with super-rich NY socialite and foodie Nina Griscom (who used to have her own show on the Food Network). She discusses her plastic surgeon ex-husband while stuffing her face with popcorn shrimp and dirty rice:

    "Dan is the best plastic surgeon in the city,'' she says in mock complaint. ''The worst thing about the divorce is now that I'm 49 and could use one, I can't go to him for a face lift.'' Has she had one yet? ''No, I swear it, I haven't,'' she says, tugging at her neck and chin in proof. I urge her to try the chicken -- it's just as juicy and spicy as I remember. ''Soon as I finish this,'' she says, digging into the mac and cheese with a white plastic spoon.
This woman really loves Popeye's.

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