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August 28, 2003


Meant to post something like

frankenMeant to post something like this yesterday. It's funny how Al Franken, all of a sudden, is a major spokesperson for the angry left. I guess this is because only a handful of people -- Howard Dean, Michael Moore, Franken, and maybe a couple of others -- have even bothered to register any persistent objection the the direction the country has taken since 9/11. Squeaky wheels get oiled. So, Franken, who's political leanings have been on the record since the late 90s (at the latest), now finds himself legitimized by the mere fact that conservatives don't have that many targets anymore: everyone else has ducked for cover. Thankfully, Al takes his duties as lefty spokesperson seriously, and expends real time -- not just celebrity time -- researching his books and arguments.

Anyway, here's a profile of him by Howard Kurtz in the WP.

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