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August 13, 2003


NYT on the new DVD

NYT on the new DVD release of Kieslowski's Decalogue. Maybe you already have the last release, which which was spare and grainy but passable. The new one has been cleaned up and features an on-screen intro by Roger Ebert, though, along with some other interesting material:

the new, visually enhanced DVD includes the bonus of three short films made by Polish television. The first, which amounts to an advance promotion by Telewizja Polska for its own production, is the record of a brief visit with Kieslowski on the set of "Decalogue II." The second film is a memorial profile of him, broadcast in 1998. The great find is the third piece: an interview program, titled "One Hundred Questions," that was recorded in Warsaw just after Kieslowski completed "The Decalogue."
The Decalogue itself is a great, but it can make you feel like you live in a housing project in Warsaw if you watch too many episodes at once.

Also getting a new life on DVD is Casablanca. They even had a big party to celebrate its release, a party which Lauren Bacall and Isabella Rossellini attended and is covered here by Boldface Names. There are a couple funny anecdotes in the story.

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