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August 4, 2003


So Gigli came in 7th,

So Gigli came in 7th, only pulling in $3.8 million. That certainly is up there with the all-time worst flops. I'm not sure what the formula is for calculating degree of flop-ness (although I think I've seen one before), but the movie cost $53 million to make, which means it only recouped 7.1% of its cost. It seems possible that the movie will take in less than $1 million next week, since audience reaction has been as negative as the pre-opening reviews. (So far, it has a rating of 1.5 out of 10 over at IMDB, after 480 votes.) Don't forget -- Ben and Jen return to the screen together again in Kevin Smith's forthcoming Jersey Girl. (In the meantime, there is a nearly inarticulate, but still funny, thread about "worst movie ever" on the IMDB boards, and the Onion's take on the film.)

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