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September 29, 2003


Collagen-Infused Water?

In the October issue of Vanity Fair, the "My Stuff" feature asks Entertainment Tonight/Today show fashionista Steven Cojocaru about his stuff. Turns out he has an IBM ThinkPad, a Sony Plasma TV, Jimmy Choo sneakers, some Heineken, and a Cartier watch. Yeah, well, so doesn't everybody.

But under the "Drinks" section, Steven has one item that is truly shocking. Are you ready?

"Collagen-infused water from Beverly Hill Ravine"

WHAT? You can get collagen in your water? Does Beverly Hills add collagen to their water supply like the rest of the country adds fluoride? Does it prevent lip decay? Is Bevery Hills Ravine a company or a geographic location? Do you buy this water at the store or at your surgeon's office? Does it inflate your urethra? Whose collagen was it before you drank it?

I Googled basically every combination of "Beverly Hills" "collagen" and "water" you could think of, but without any success. If anyone has some info on this product, please send it to us.

Here's a scan of the page from Vanity Fair.

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