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September 24, 2003


Dave Matthews Band Loves AOL

So a hundred thousand people are streaming into Central Park to catch the show in a few hours, getting their bottles, backpacks, and dirty bombs confiscated. It's for the schools. It's funny to me that AOL is sponsoring this thing and making a huge deal of it and only giving the schools $1 million, while just last week Bill Gates gave us $50 million, without much of a fuss. I wonder if a million dollars would feed all the kids in the school system for even one day. I don't think it would.

Amy and I got supersaturated with DMB after catching him at the Lake Matoaka Amphitheater more times than we could count, back when he was dating our housemate's sister and playing the Flood Zone once a week. Did anyone else lose patience with DMB after the supposedly big-deal album Busted Stuff? I hated this album so much it made me retroactively dislike his earlier records...I haven't listened to them since Dave was on 60 Minutes that time. Will he recapture the magic? I'd like to think so, but I don't think Amy thought there was ever any magic to recapture.

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