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September 12, 2003


Friday Fun!

Here's a little something I made for you. Two little somethings, really:

  • iTunes Library File XML parser. Put a copy of your iTunes library file (usually "iTunes Music Library.xml" which is found in your iTunes folder) in a web-accessible directory, paste the URL into the form, and your iTunes library will show up rendered as an HTML file sortable by artist, album, song, or file size. The resulting page is bookmarkable, too, so you can send it to people. See a small example.
  • For the less technically inclined: your very own secret decoder ring. I invented a method of encryption called PCP, aka Pretty Crappy Privacy. You can use it to encode text, and email the results to your partners in crime. They can then use the page to decode the secret message. I'll give you a dollar if you can tell me my encryption algorithm. Here's a little message to decode to get you started:
Have fun!

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