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September 10, 2003


Moussaoui case takes one more step towards the inevitable tribunal

As we mentioned the other day, Zacarias Moussaoui won his legal fight to question other terror suspects who might offer evidence that would clear him of the government's charges of his involvement in 9/11. Predictably, the gov't is now defying the court order and refusing to allow Moussaoui the opportunity to interview these men, even though they know it's likely the case against ZM will get thrown out as a result. Why? Because they want to try him in a military tribunal anyway. The case has born only the slightest resemblance to an actual constitutional process since the beginning, so may as pull out all the stops now that things aren't going the way they'd initially hoped. National security and all. I love the idea of the Justice Department purposely bungling cases so they can hand them over to the military.

Did the Justice Dept. wait til 9/10 to announce their next move so everyone (like me) would feel bad criticizing the administration on 9/11? Stranger things have happened.

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