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September 18, 2003


Renaming the World Trade Center

After much deliberation and arguing over what to call the rebuilt area on the site of the World Trade Center (including Freedom Tower, 9/11 Memorial Plaza, Greenwich Plaza, Hudson Terminal, Washington Market, Telegram Square, Radio Row, Little Syria, and Bitsy Foofoo's Funtime Circus) developers are settling on a decision [nyt]. Get ready. World Trade Center. "As one of the several million New Yorkers who still say Sixth Avenue, 58 years after it was renamed Avenue of the Americas, Larry Silverstein [leaseholder of the site] offered a practical reason for keeping the name World Trade Center. 'Even if we wanted to call it something else, New Yorkers would continue to call it what it was,' he said. 'That's the way New Yorkers are.'"

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