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September 12, 2003


Undercutting Dean

So now Gephardt has joined in the Dean-bashing extravaganza that is the fight for the Democratic nomination. Gep compares Dean to Newt Gingrich and says he's "not what Democrats stand for." In fact, Dean is one of maybe 3 of the candidates who are precisely what Democrats stand for -- at least what they stood for before they became a bunch of mealy-mouthed, scaredy-cat, rubber-stamping ditto heads.

Gephardt and fellow sell-out Lieberman must know that their desperate attacks on Dean will do little to aid their own campaigns but will only continue the fragmentation of the party. I hate to say it, but since the situation is so dire, this seems like one of those election seasons where the smart thing to do is for Dems to limit their attacks on each other, see who the natural winner is, and throw their support behind him as quickly as possible.

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