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November 25, 2003


Average Joe: Queer Eye for the Average Guy


Now that Melana has kicked out all of the nerds except for the two tall and not-completely-out-of-shape ones, it's clear that in the end, dorks don't really have much of a chance with hot ex-cheerleaders. But, we might find solace in the fact that Melana rejected one of the new surprise hot guys from last week in favor of average guys Adam and Zach.

But A and Z still face some stiff competition from Jason Storm, Pretty Boy. Jason, you see, wants to be a weatherman. "I've got a named picked out and everything," he said. But, Melana was concerned about which team he plays for. In an otherwise romantic moment on a covered bridge she asked him, "Do you like only girls?" He said yes, but you can't be too careful nowadays, ladies! When Melana asked how his friends would describe him, he said, "They'd say I'm a pretty boy." Do you know what we have on our hands here, folks? It's reality TV's first official Metrosexual! Plus he's a good kisser!

If last night's episode offers any interesting commentary on dating in America it's this: even hot guys get all starry-eyed around beautiful women. As the new guys return from their dates, they all come back talking of love and how amazing Melana is. As one of the average guys said, "You've got the Melana bug now. It's contagious." Well, if Jason Storm has it, Zach and Adam must have caught it by now, too. Gross!

The promos for next week's ep contain tantalizing images of an uglyish overweight girl tearing off a latex mask, about to reveal someone who is apparently not uglyish or overweight. Mini-spoiler: the promos claim it is "Melana's cousin," but I guess it'll turn out to be Melana in disguise, checking up on how the guys treat ugly girls. In a clip from next week, Zach complains, "It's not reality...It's bullshit!" He must be talking about Joe Millionaire, though.

Until next week, here's a quick NBC publicity interview with Melana.

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